We all use 123movies when we want to see one new movie or old movie or what movie you want to see and also you have used at least one time 123movies to watch series online, one episod or entire TV seasons.

So now I will present you 3 good similar 123Movies websites to watch free movies online:

  1. https://123movie.ccThis website is actually pretty new, is from 2018 september and was few months in the top 3 in Google search pages and gain a lots of direct users even before the site was going down in Google searche’s for free movies and tv series online in HD quality. This site have good content and lots of movies and tv series in HD quality, 2 video players on each video that you want to see and lots of content, you’ll love it for shure.
  2. https://123movies2019.com/123Movies2019 is one of my favorite right now because had lots of features that other similar 123movies website don’t have it right now, wait for it. This site upload daily tv episodes that aired on good quality, also latest movies are daily on 123movies and all the fresh content is uploaded daily on this site. This site is from the first 123movies similar websites and have more that 2 years beeing online and changed domains several times. The best thing on this one is that all the videos is working, no videos are deleted on this 123movies site. You must try it and love it, like i do, hehe..
  3. https://123movieshub.info/ I like 123movieshub like I like 123movies, because is nice logo and improved design to watch free movies and tv series online, also have that great player that 123movies2019 have and this is one plus point for this site. The only think that I don’t like it is that the episodes are aired 1 hour after, so this one is in my second list of 123movies similar websites.

Hope you like this 3 websites similar with 123movies official site and also I want to hear your opinion about this sites and also your favorite 123movies similar site.

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