I am looking for bascially the cheapest low power system that can run windows and have a couple usb ports and a video/hdmi port for a cheap display.

It does not need any major processing power. it just needs to log and store data once it has booted up. Size is not a factor but smaller would better if i can double-side tape it to the unit it needs to log data from. Sold state storage is a must, nothing spinning. Preferably something modern, so no ancient cpu’s.

Not saying it neither good or bad, just an example that you might consider an extend your searches with…

You can find Chinese compute sticks starting at under £50 with an Atom, little more for a Celeron or Pentium (£80-100). There are NUC-like options for around the same price too, no name Chinese or Gigabyte’s BRIX lineup.

If I recall correctly, there was a SBC called Lattepanda that was about $100 and could run Windows 10. But I would go for an old model Nuc or similar product though.

Whatever you buy, you’ll want a Gemini Lake Celeron N4100 CPU. By far the best if you want to stay at €200 or less.
but Intel is not shipping enough of them. so these CPU are often out of stock.

Check these brands:

  1. Chuwi
  2. Kodlix
  3. AllDocube
  4. MeLE
  5. AcePC
  6. Tanix
  7. Alfawise
  8. Beelink

At the moment, the Kodlix GN41 is a great choice, if not the best. It also offer some nice upgrade options. A couple of friends bought it and they absolutely love it and praise it. Also check MiniPC N4100 on AliExpress.

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