Overall I thought it was an alright episode. The main thing that bothers me is how Daenerys basically snaps, from what feels out of no where, to full blown genociding and destroying the city. I guess they kind of hinted at it previously, but I feel like had they progressed her turning to the “dark side” a little slower/more obvious (by having more than 6 episodes in the final season for example) it would have felt more natural.

Also what did my boy Jamie do to deserve an ending like this, lol. God awful ending to his, up to there, great story arc, same goes for Cersei.

Tyrion hasn’t had a good take in multiple seasons. He’s becomming more clueless every episode. By now he’s probably one of the dimmest characters on the show. What on earth did he think would happen.

I thought this episode was terrible again. Yeah it showed pretty well how awful war can be but that’s pretty much all it was. Why did the writers even introduce the golden company they were just dragon fodder. I feel like they got hyped for quite a while but in the end they added nothing.

The one good thing I have to say about 123movies episode:
Daenerys attacked the fleet from the direction of the sun, so that generally is nice thinking..
(However, Blackwater Bay faces East and the sky was high in the sky during the attack, so I guess the sun in Westeros rises in the north and sets in the south..)

I’m a bit amazed the Cersei had no plan other the a bunch of scorpions on the city walls. You’d like to think that the she planned something more after 8 seasons of planning against this moment..

I thought the Cleangen fight was not done too well also, the choreography wasn’t impressive at all. There is one scene in GOT, the young Ned against someone fight outside the keep where Jon is born, where the choreography is really impressive. I don’t know why they’re not devoting some time to keep this level up, especially on the next to last episode and final battle.

Five minutes of John Wick is more entertaining and impressive than this entire season.. I was kinda hoping the Lord of Light would resurrect the Hound and he would become like Beric, at least for a few more deaths.

The more I think about this episode despite my earlier criticism, I think the final scene between Jaime and Tyrion was well done. This, however, brings us to the way the showrunners have Cersei and Jaime go out.

One of the most satisfying elements of the novels and the television series has been the slow transformation of his character so that by the time he learns of Cersei’s plans to not honor her commitment to send armies to support the war with the Night King, Jaime’s like well fuck this that’s a bridge too far and so he goes north and helps, which he knows is the right thing to do.

Jaime to my mind has now pretty much done all he can do to be redeemed from earlier sins. Cersei is the exact opposite in terms of character development. He shouldn’t have gone back to King’s Landing only to die in falling rubble with his sister.


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