One of the stupidest movies I could ever watch in my entire life, but still with one of the best interpretations I’ve seen. Marlon Wayans is playing multiple roles in his new Netflix comedy, called Sextuplets.

Our story begins with Alan, a typical American father-to-be character married to a lovely, smart woman preparing each other to become the perfect family. The only issue is he doesn’t know of his family because he was raised in a foster home. His wife convinces him to ask the help of her father, a stiff father-in-law, a very well known judge, hard to please, for finding his family.

After trying for many years to find his roots, the judge manages to get hold of Alan’s birth certificate. From here on our story starts when Alan goes to the address where his mother supposed to live. Unfortunately, he finds out that his mother is dead, but he has a brother. Upset and disappointed that he did not meet his mother when she was still alive he asks his retard brother Russell to show him some pictures of her. While he was in her room, he finds, by mistake, a box that contains some documents that prove she gave birth to six babies. Excited of what he found he comes up with a crazy idea, he will try to find the other three brothers and one sister.

He was surprised to find out that his sister Dawn is in jail and she became a plus-size “exotic” dancer and a prostitute, nothing of what he imagined her.

While he is trying to find his other two brothers, Ethan and Baby Peat, Alan’s wife is trying tracking down Jaspar, the scientist, the smartest brother from the family.

Everything starts going crazy when one of the brothers, Ethan, goes to Alan’s office, pretending is him and he fouls around with Alan’s boss and breaks into Alan’s house. When you think things got weird enough, Alan meets his brother Baby Peat that tricks him to donate his kidney.

Finally, Jaspar shows up in his unique way, kidnaping his brothers Alan and Russell, proving he’s not only smart and weird, but he is also the villain of the family.

But the biggest surprise of all I’ll let you find by yourself…

It is a great movie if you don’t want to work your brains out and relax watching how Marlon Wayans is doing his magic performing seven characters in the same movie, not easy if you ask me… Also, I have to admit the makeup team outdid themselves with transforming Marlon Wayans along with the story.

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