The march of technology is such that some aspect of technology gets to take pride of place with time and this is true of the use of the Apple iOS too.  It must be said that some additional enhancements would produce a set of results that are sure to get a better user experience for those die hard Apple smart phone user.

Becons: These are improvements over GPS and maps that could localize the location of a person to offer improved service in terms of advertisements and promotions that are better targeted than before.  It could in the long run offer more efficient use of resources and should be something to watch out for.

Augmented Reality: The new mantra of particularly the gaming community, AR is set to bring about experiences that would be path breaking so to speak.  The physical limitations that are often placed on people using the small screens of the mobile phone would get to be over come in providing an encounter that would be truly memorable to say the least.

Security: With the stress on offering the user as secure as an atmosphere as possible, the App Transport Security is bound to bring about a higher operational freedom coupled with the secure environs.  It could be the further developments in securing highly mobile systems that would see its adoption in many more systems.

Cloud Integration: It has been noticed that there has been an increased use of cloud to offer services and the key role that the cloud could play in integrating different devices together is where the next developments are going to come about.  Thus the iOS would be at the heart of a service that would not just be practical but of value to the service providers as well.

Artificial Intelligence: This is where the next frontier of computing and the progress of humanity lie.  With the ability to bring about machines to think for themselves is what is being attempted on a large scale with the effective use of iOS.

Enterprise Applications: The power of this apps similar to putlockers stream hd has been demonstrated in the short while that they have been in use currently and in the limited scope as well.  The future is in developing Enterprise Apps that seeks to integrate the customer of a service or product in more detail than before to take relations between the customer and business to a new level.

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