I’m hoping to get some recommendations on what software to use here. Until a couple of minutes ago I used GoodSync, which never did the job entirely to my liking, and just completely shit the bed today after I clicked one wrong thing and it won’t let me reverse that action.

Here’s my situation: I download all my music to my server in the other room. On my server I want to have a utility automatically and immediately copy any new downloads to my desktop (both run Windows 10). That way the server seeds from its own hard drive, and I play my music from the hard drive in my desktop, potentially fixing tags and whatnot without breaking my torrents. Something GoodSync was particularly bad at was the fact that every time I would edit any files on my desktop, it would immediately assume it’s unintentional and either change the files back, or copy another set of files. The only way to fix this is using exclusion rules, which is an arduous process in a buggy and ineffective interface.

In short: What I need is software that will copy any new downloads once, and then leave it alone. I’d prefer it not even monitor my desktop for any missing files. The goal of this is to have a server-side backup that is used as a seeding source and have the desktop function as my actual library containing any fixes I manually apply to my files.

I think GoodSync is trying to be too smart for its own good and it managed to ruin its entire managed backup job because of it. A more simple approach is probably better, but the key thing is that it has to be automated, and it has to be immediate. GoodSync was at least good at the latter, effectively copying new files the second they were finished downloading.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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