The European Union is preparing to release a technique on the brand-new 5G technology. Until then, reporters from Reuters spoke with a draft of the file including some intriguing directions.

The 5G network is taken into consideration the future of innovation and a big jump in several areas. Primarily, the brand-new generation of mobile data will reinvent not just the Internet, as we understand it today, but likewise big markets such as the vehicle or financial sector. The supply on the market is very limited. Primarily, there are only a few large gamers battling to implement the brand-new modern technology.

Of all, Huawei is obvious. The Chinese claim that they are the just one who can supply the needed networking and tools. Only he goes to the facility of a worldwide detraction, being thought of snooping in favor of the Beijing Government. Under these conditions, the EU is thoroughly analyzing the actions it must absorb the future.

Just how the EU plans for the 5G network

The draft of the file acquired by Reuters shows that the European Union must become a leader in the intro of 5G networks in the Community block. This goal would be important, in the viewpoint of Brussels, to ensure competition amongst the Member States. The adjustments that 5G promises, nevertheless, included the plan and also with responsibilities, believes the EU.

Hence, there is a demand for consensus at the block level that the networks and also brand-new solutions are 100% cyber-secure. The draft belongs to Finland, which currently holds the revolving presidency of the European Union.

Without stating the name of the Chinese company Huawei, the draft makes clear referral to the “sovereignty of European technology”. In other words, the company or business that will apply 5G in Europe have to be from the mainland. Yet if you check out the mainland, there are only two big names: the Finns from Nokia and also the Swedes from Ericsson.

Huawei is open to working with these European companions, but it also depends on the problems. In this context, the benefits must be clear from the European Union.

And Romania is preparing to relocate to 5G quickly. Earlier this month, Eduard Lovin, vice president of ANCOM, said he was waiting on a Government Decision to present the starting rates. In the meantime, the normative act is anticipated, especially since the Government considers itself disregarded.

Usage licenses should be granted, according to the already accepted calendar, by the end of the year.

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