A design with which Volkswagen surged among hippies in the early 1970s was simply introduced in 2019. It has actually gotten an upgrade that straightens it with our times.

The Type 2 minibus was introduced by Volkswagen in 1972. It is legendary to the hippie generation of those times and also it is difficult not to acknowledge it from the pictures from the festivals of those times. It stands for a famous design of the German brand and also obtained a worthwhile upgrade of 2019.

Volkswagen teamed up on this task with professionals from EV West, a firm specializing in the modification of the engines of some automobiles as well as their substitute with electric batteries. It’s regarding the same firm that altered the Tesla Model S.

This is just how the minibus of the 70’s hippies reached adjust to 2019 as well as have an electric battery fitted.

Volkswagen is changing its legendary designs

This is not the first time Volkswagen wishes to restore the iconic models it has actually released with time. Recently, it has unveiled a whole range called Buzz ID. What does this thing mean:

It’s primarily the Volkswagen Microbus, the van introduced in the 1960s, which is changing itself and also will certainly be released on the marketplace under the name ID Buzz. Buzz will be bigger, more spacious as well as, of course, geared up with the current technology. Volkswagen does not forget its past and how it became the biggest auto producer in the globe.

As well as it looks for to keep alive memories of those who stayed in those times. When it comes to the electrical future of the brand, the Germans have huge plans. The company has revealed it will certainly invest even more cash than it had actually prepared to broaden its fleet of electrical cars and trucks.

Therefore, in the coming years, the German company will put up to 60 billion euros for the advancement of electrical cars. It intends to release 75 versions of 100% electric as well as 60 hybrid lorries, in order to lionize for the setting as well as to meet the targets relating to the contamination standards imposed by the European Union.

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