The Samsung Galaxy Fold is the first foldable phone, but the first one is priced at 2000 euros. That does not mean it will not sell well.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was officially presented at the end of February, and since then the phone has been exposed just behind glass walls. Samsung dropped pre-orders on April 14 and in three days all units sold were sold.

Those who booked their phone but did not order them received emails that there are no Samsung Galaxy Fold phones on stock due to “overwhelming demand”. Further, the company informs you that it will let you know when the phones are back in stock so you can buy them.

The collapsible phone of the Koreans has reached the hands of several journalists and youtubers who have detailed the experience of using it. Overall, impressions are positive, and most have noted how cool the design is and that is a great open-hand phone.

Samsung Galaxy Fold is on the search, despite the high price

However, there are also negative points, and the most common fact is the box that the screen makes in the middle. Not only can you see it, but it feels at the touch. However, the problem does not seem to be so great or serious as to cause you not to buy it despite the huge price.

A week ago, Samsung Display announced that it has begun mass production of OLED folding panels that will reach the Galaxy Fold. The foldable screen will be made of materials that will make it 50% thinner than a conventional display. The Galaxy Fold phone screen has a size of 4.6 inch when folded. Expands to 7.3 inches when opened.

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