You could easily believe that every Supreme launch is successful. A $ 30 brick? Sure. A phone like an old Nokia that Supreme writes in 2 shades? With double cost? Sure.

Completion of summertime included an information: Supreme launches a classic phone, which has plenty of the logo design of this brand name. Somehow, normally, it captured my interest. The rate was not communicated at the time, however it was known that the model on which this phone is based prices $ 30.

Supreme has lastly announced it as well as it sets you back $ 60. So, double. The fundamental version is an absolutely confidential Blu Zoey 2.4 for Romania, which is offered only in the United States, where Supreme will certainly likewise try to sell its phone.

It’s as unimportant as you ‘d expect. 2.4 inch screen, simply 3G (not that it would require much more, a VGA camera like 15 years ago and 128 MB of memory. It supports microSD card, it has a 16 GB in the bundle.

It’s not a phone, it’s simply an assistance for the Supreme logo

Is the Supreme, so is this phone. If you appreciate what Supreme does as well as you want a phone like this, for sure.

What’s even more fascinating here is that this firm goes on the nostalgia as well as anonymity. While Apple and Google, somewhat, profit intimacy even on clever devices, Supreme gives you something without the net (or restricted accessibility) that looks and also you’re conscious of the trends. Yet there are still phones that likewise have WhatsApp, and also they are cheap. Yes, they have no logo on them.

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