The launch day of period 10 of “The Strolling Dead” has actually not yet been formally revealed, yet reports indicate October this year.

Till the period 10 launch, nonetheless, several unanswered concerns stay, which followers resorted to almost everywhere, trying to find probable concepts. You can discover listed below:

Whose voice got on the opposite side of the radio?

One of the most vital inquiries that followers of the program have left is which radio voice was it? At the end of period 9, a female’s voice can be listened to claiming, “Hello?

In The Walking Dead comics, points are a little various. There is a possibility in period 10 that we will certainly fulfill the Commonwealth.

Will Negan end up being the hero of the collection?

By the end of period 9, Negan has actually finished his developing arc – from hero to anti-villain to a reputable resident of Alexandria as well as a feasible lead character of period 10. Possibly Negan’s personality has actually continued to be around for one last fight with supposed The Whisperers, however it’s not recognized.

This narrative string would certainly adhere to the tale in the comics, however the collection is recognized for the method it occasionally transforms followers’ assumptions back. The seeds of hope were grown, so the followers of the collection are currently waiting with their spirits in their mouths to see if they will in fact get the hero they really did not ask for, however they required.

Will Rick and also Maggie return?

Technically talking, both left the globe of the period 9 period, yet followers are still awaiting a return. Rick is going to have his very own TELEVISION trilogy, in which he could slide referrals to the primary collection – or also vice versa.

Maggie’s interpreter, Lauren Cohen, left the program to play in her very own comedy – and also this on the planet has actually verified to be a success. The manufacturers have actually currently claimed they wish to bring Maggie back at some time, specifically considered that she really did not actually bid farewell.

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