I’m fine with the resolution in general, though it did feel a bit too happy go lucky to believe that the same will come out of Martin’s pen. (or maybe we should get Brienne to finish it?)

Loved the Ryan Reynolds cameo. It looks like all the suppressed usual comedic moments were rolled out for this one, as a long sigh of relief. I say roll because this ended up a game of puns- “break the wheel by kinging wheelchairbound Bran the Broken“. Oh, 123moviesgot.com was the best to watch GoT online.

The very end of the show started out as a nice closure, but ended up a Q rating top chart, reminiscent of Bohemian Raphsody‘s editing. It’s like they threw in all the B-rolls for each character’s epilogue for maximum feel-good. Which makes me wonder if any last minute changes were made to attempt to remedy this season’s ratings.

Regardless of being disappointed by this season, this was still one of the best damned shows and I’ll miss it.

Whatever they make cant be worse than https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Golden_Compass_(film)

I too read northern lights nearly 20 years ago now, before the subtle knife was published. the amber spyglass was one of the first books that made me cry. (and those wheeled buffalo things were so cool in my mind!!).

I’m going to read it all again, as well as the prequel – i want to see whether the books are as good as i remember without seeing and hearing actors as i read them.

What a finale! In the last episode of the mega-series, the makers of Game of Thrones once again performed everything in terms of drama and suspense. But a central plot point caused irritated and angry reactions from many fans: The surprising return of the Night King in his true form.

But first of all let’s catch up : So far all viewers assumed that Arya Stark killed the Night King in episode 3 of the last season with a dagger made of dragon glass. But as it turns out in a spectacular final twist, it was just an ordinary White Wanderer, into whom the true Night King had only warged all the time.

Whoa! No wonder that many viewers were dissatisfied with this explanation – especially since the real Night King then also takes his anger out on fan darling Arya and kills her with her own dagger before he also quickly takes out Jon, Daenerys and Tyrion.
In the net the anger is huge: “8 seasons I have been excited about this stupid Hollywood shit?”, Twitter user GoT_WF983 is outraged.
“Worst series finale ever,” Sandra D. also says on Facebook. “As of today, I’m no longer a Game-of-Thrones fan!”
“WTF! SMH. AFAIK IMHO! TL;DR! LOL! XOXO,” writes another fan angered on Instagram.
In the meantime, an online petition has even been launched, calling for the final episode to be completely remade. More than 700,000 people signed within a few hours.

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